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Resources during Covid-19

Find below all the online resources you could need until in-person services are resumed. There are organisations that provide legal advice, mental health support, financial and housing support, essential needs, help finding your relatives, English classes and a safe place to socialize and find a community during these challenging times.

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Legal Advice

The organisations listed provide legal advice on how to access the asylum process and offer casework support on immigration, housing and financial support, destitution, etc.
Please contact organisations that support individuals in the area you live in. If the city is not specified, you can contact the organisation from anywhere in the UK.

Mental Health Support

If you are feeling lonely, having suicidal thoughts, or simply want to talk to someone, please call one of the numbers listed below, or refer to the links indicated. These organizations are here to listen to you no matter the problem you are facing, so feel free to contact them for anything!


Financial and Housing support

The organisations listed  provide direct accommodation support for asylum-seekers, people who have lost their support and homeless people.

Socializing and English Classes

If you want to find a community during these hard times, keep busy, find a new hobby, or improve your English, please refer to the organisations listed below. They provide online English classes, as well as an online book club and choir.

Essential Needs (food, clothes, etc.)

The organisations listed below try to provide food, phone credit and internet (phone credit and internet provision are very limited, so please contact West London Welcome if really necessary).

Resources for Young People only (children and adults under 25)

Within the organisations listed below, you can find youth clubs to socialize, places to get educational support, and support with the asylum process and mental health.

Resources for Women only

The organisations listed below only serve women. You can get help with the asylum-process, mental health, and join women’s clubs to be a part of a community and make friends.

Share your Story

If you would like to share your story or/and speak out for change, please refer to the websites listed below.