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In-person services

Find all the in-person resources including centres for refugees and asylum-seekers, shelters and support groups that may have been interrupted due to pandemic but are operational in normal times.

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Drop-in Centers

Drop-in centres are places to go each week where you can find a community, follow English classes and ask for advice. Most of them also have food banks.


The organisations listed provide help in CV writing, searching for jobs, workshops on job interviews, access to work placements and training opportunities.

Resources for Women Only

The organisations listed have women groups for women to meet up, socialize, get asylum support, have English class, get support for employment research.

Resources for Men Only

The organisation listed proposes a men’s group for men to meet up, socialize, have English class and health advice.

Resources for Children, Unaccompanied Minors, Teenagers and Families

The organizations listed provide resources for children, unaccompanied minors, teenagers and families to get advice on the asylum-process, mental-health support, help with homework, access to education, and find a community and friends.


The organisations listed assist asylum-seekers and refugees to apply for higher education and courses.

Health and Mental Health Support

The organisations listed provide health workshops, health advice to access NHS services, monthly checks and help with GP registration and NHS charges. Please also refer to the organisations listed if you feel lonely or have any kind of trauma and need someone to listen to you.

Finding your Relatives

If you have been separated from your relatives during the asylum process or had to leave your family behind when fleeing to the UK, please contact the organisations listed below. They will help you get into contact with your family back home and provide support with the family reunion process.

Socializing and Building Skills

The organisations listed are safe places to make friends, have fun, learn new skills, do sports... Some also provide English classes for all levels.

Essential needs

The organisations listed provide direct essential needs. Please refer to the links below if you need financial support, clothes, toiletries, baby products or sanitary protection.

Legal Advice

The websites listed are links to organisations that provide advice on understanding the asylum-process, getting legal support, accessing asylum-support, getting help once you’ve been granted the refugee status, resettlement and trafficking. The advice can be in person, over the phone, one-to-one, group advice over the phone, or in drop-in centres.